Are you good at taking care of yourself?🤔

I wasn’t! I sucked at it.

For the most part of my life.

🍓What is selfcare anyway?🍓

When you search #selfcare on Instagram 47,804,219 posts come up.

Methods and quotes, all different, that will lead to the feelings of happiness, wholesomeness, good mood, clarity, inner wisdom, clearer intuition etc.

I was never able to keep at it, with the morning pages, the daily meditation, the drinking of water first thing in the morning, or healing supplements.

I tried. I failed. I felt bad.😔

That cannot be selfcare, right?! It felt more like another way to tell myself I sucked. 🙄

To make more wholesome choices that stick you need to make your brain believe you can. Makes sense, right? I mean neuroplasticity and all. You need to make new pathways to a happier future. 🧠

That is where real #selfcare begins. For the brain to believe that you can make better choices you need to make a promise to yourself. And keep that promise. 🙏

Instead of listening to the lady with the beautiful skin and the expensive singing bowls, I made a promise to myself. A small one so I could keep it. One that would be easy, joyful and bring much needed balance. 🧿

I would dry brush every time before I shower. 🚿

There are many benefits to dry brushing. It detoxifies, firms and is great for your bloodcirculation. I can already feel my body looking forward to the tingly feeling of the brush’s bristles. 🙂 Showering afterwards feels amazing on awakened skin!

But I could have chosen any other practice.

The point is, I am carefully creating a different pathway in my 🧠 by keeping a promise to myself.

Because when it figures out we are keeping promises to ourselves, it becomes easier to create wholesome changes. That stay.⭕