How to make home made oat milk, the easy way

Years ago my ayurvedic doctor gave me the advice to stop using dairy. If I really "had to" I could occasionally eat some goats cheese but for the rest no diary. It would heal my body she said. And she was right!

There are plenty of plant based substitutes for dairy around and I was never a big fan of drinking milk anyway. So as long as I could sometimes eat goats cheese I was fine.

I started drinking oat milk in my coffees and I was fine. Until I read that there's oil in some of these products. Checking the ingredients on the back of my pack it turns out there was oil in my favourite brand. This is so the water and oats blend together and why you need to shake some and not others.

Now I don't know what the percentage is or if it's bad for you but oil in the milk for my coffee just doesn't appeal to me.

It had always seemed a hassle and a bit fiddly to make my own mylk. But a quick google showed that it's not at all. It's actually simple, fast and cheap. And strangely empowering.

a measuring spoon with oats, a pot with oats and an empty glass bottle

So here's what I do and it's probably all kinds of wrong but it works for me :)

- put oats (about 1/2 cup) with 2 cups of ice cold water in a blender,

- mix it for 40 secs (don't overmix or it will get slimy)

- pour it through a fine mesh strainer (mine is a very old one from Ikea)

Then I strain it again. Put it in a glass bottle, date it and keep it in the fridge for about 4 days.

Oh and I add some kind of natural sweetener, sometimes agave syrup sometimes dates.

And that's it!

Oh and it's kinder for your wallet too! It costs about 0.30 euro cents to make 1/2 a litre that will last me 4 days.

No waste too as you can use the left over oats for breakfast or to make cookies.

But I love to use it to make a DIY vegan face mask. I will post the recipe for that later this week!

Let me know if you tried it and how it worked for you!