Quick & cheap DIY mask - no waste!

Do you remember when I said I would post a DIY mask recipe from the leftover oats of the homemade oatmeal mylk? Time just ran away with me, as it does. But here it is, and its so easy and quick and works so well! I cant believe it but to make my own mylk, then have no waste and a fresh face. It's when it all comes together and life makes sense ;)

What I love about it?

- it's quick

- I don't have to spend money on a "real" mask

- using leftovers so NO WASTE

- it works :))

So here it goes:

- after you made your delicious homemade mylk you can either use the leftovers to make your breakfast (just add your yummy fruit and off you go) or use them to make a mask. Which literally takes a few minutes. Time to enjoy your coffee (with DIY mylk gnagna) or just a nice warm bath. In which you can also drop your oats to heal your eczema for instance. So don't throw it in the bin!

- simply scoop the oats up, mix it with some turmeric and a little teaspoon of honey and put it on your face. One warning about turmeric, it's a dye. So be careful with countertops and clothing. And if you try this for the first time, maybe do it in the evening in case your face gets yellow. It will be gone by the morning and leave a beautiful glow.

Leave it there for 10 minutes and take it off. Use a cotton washcloth to do this or if you are like me, i just use hands to scoop the oats up and throw them in the compost. Then rinse my face. This minimises the mess. Then marvel at your beautiful clean face and be happy this simple routine was good for you, the earth and don't forget, your wallet!

Let me know how it went in the comments, or how you use your leftover oats. Happy to learn new green ways :)