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Karin grew up in the east of The Netherlands. She spend 10 years living abroad and travelling the world, getting to know other cultures and lands that shaped her view of the world. In between travelling she worked for an investment bank in London whilst trying to find peace in her yoga sessions.  Settling back in Holland, now with her family, she intensified her spiritual journey culminating in many yogic teachings and trainings.

Karin is a self taught ceramic artist. Practicing the art of clay since 2016. Starting on the wheel, she moved to hand building and now practices both.

Inspiration from nature and ongoing self healing journey integrate themselves throughout her work.  To her, all created objects should add beauty to the physical world so she crafts with care. She is simply in love with clay.

Karin studied yoga, meditation, mindfulness and reiki which may pop up here and there at her seemingly simple clay workshops. She found grounding in her clay practice.

She currently lives in Haarlem, nicely situated between Amsterdam and her much loved beach.

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