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The New Moon holds a special place in our cosmos: a time of new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and profound transformations. This New Moon in Virgo is especially inviting me to examine my habits, thought process, and values, to explore a quieter, gentler way, not just as an artist, but as a spiritual being. So much so, I felt the need to write this post.

This lunar phase encourages spiritual growth, self-care, and personal reflection. We've heard these terms many times by now, read about them, and spent time doing the rituals, which can be really nice. However, what truly nurtures YOUR unique self? What brings YOU intrinsic joy? What does real self-care look like for YOU? Here's what I've discovered, for myself as a person and an artist.

Embrace Spiritual Reflection

While I took my yoga teacher training, I learned many different yogic rituals and practices. To be honest, having a busy life with kids, I only had time to do the ones that were a) very simple and b) most beneficial. Now that my kids have grown, I've gained a little more time again. I find myself opening up to some of those practices again. A really nice one that pulled me in a big way is reading the Bhagavad Gita. It feels really soft and gentle to contemplate the nuggets of wisdom in this book. Connecting with my inner self as an artist, is a new habit too. Taking some time hanging out in my studio room for quiet contemplation, just me and the clay, allowing some peaceful time to inspire my work, and feeling deeper into how my ceramics reflect my inner world and my connection to the world around me.

Release and Let Go

Last week, a lovely interior designer borrowed some of my pieces for a photo shoot in a finished house. She especially liked some of my older pieces. It made me look at my journey as a potter. My work often involves experimentation and evolution, and as a ceramist, I have a portfolio of pieces that tell the story of my growth. Some of my students also told me that I have a streak of perfectionism. Funny, because I often observe this in the participants of my workshops as well. This New Moon is asking me to release any self-criticism or doubts that may be holding me back in my creative journey. So I'm trying to let go of any preconceived notions of how my work should look and embrace the beauty of imperfection in my clay work.

Explore Hidden Strengths in Clay

Planning, cleaning, and fulfilling orders often take precedence. Playing with new techniques, glazes, or forms is so much fun, but I need a pocket of time and space for that to expand and soften. So I am dedicating more time to experimenting and exploring what beauty means to me. My ceramics are not just objects; they're reflections of my inner spirit. It's wholesome to make my brain switch from thinking about what I must do to what I would LIKE to do, at least some of the time.

Service Through Art

As an artist, my work has the power to inspire and touch the lives of others. This New Moon invited me to consider how my ceramic practice can serve a greater purpose. A New Moon Giveaway came to my mind. So, I'm giving away one 5-session card for The Clay Club. Not everyone has the means to join The Clay Club, and some might need a little push to explore their creative side. Now, you can find this giveaway on my Instagram account: katharina.ceramics. Please go have a look. The winner is drawn on the 18th of September.

Embracing Inner Journey

By embracing spiritual reflection, releasing self-doubt, explore hidden strengths, prioritizing self-care in a personal way, and finding appropriate ways to serve, you will get to know and serve your self better. So, dear friends, may this New Moon inspire your inner journey of self-discovery and creative expression.

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